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Capt Art Martin 2355 Mtn. View Rd. Williston Vt. 05495 (802)878-2080,
Our New York Number is (315) 963-7336

You can reach me by e-mail at: artjud@comcast.net

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Welcome Aboard The Nomad

Payment Terms and Options

We accept all plastic on our web site but Cash and Checks only at the boat

A $100 deposit at the time of booking is required to hold any charter days. 60 day notice required for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license?
Yes, Licenses may be picked up on line or at most of the tackle shops in the area.

What is included with my fishing charter?
Full or half day fishing charters include all bait, tackle and ice. The captain and crew will provide everything needed to catch fish.

Is lodging included?
No, we do not include lodging with our services. We do however make lodging recommendations. Customers are responsible for making their own reservations and paying for lodging.

Is food included with the charter?
No.  You may bring your own food and beverages.

Can we drink "Alcohol" on the boat?
Yes. Alcoholic beverages are permitted, however drunkenness is not. If alcohol is abused on the boat, then the trip may get curtailed and the customer will still have to pay the entire charter fee. Illegal drugs are not permitted on the boat.

How many people can go on the fishing charter?
Our charter boat is licensed to take up to a maximum of six chartered passengers plus the captain and crew, but we have found the four or less is the best for maximum comfort and fish playing time.

What time does the boat leave?
Typically on a full day fishing charter we leave at 6:00 a.m. and on a half-day fishing charter we leave at 5:30 a.m. However, we can make special arrangements in advance to accommodate your schedule. Please check with the captain 48 hours prior to the day of your charter.

What do I need to bring for the charter?
All you need to supply is your own food and beverages while on board, your own sunscreen and sunglasses and any sea sick medications if you feel you may need it. A cooler to keep your fish in on your ride home is a good idea also

Is there a bathroom on the boat?
Yes. We have a marine head on board.

Can I keep the fish I catch?
Yes. Although we encourage catch and release of all fish species, you make the final decision to kill or release any fish.

What happens if we catch our limit?   Can we catch additional fish on the captain's limit??
Most captains do not allow fish to be caught on their limits. Only in rare instances will this take place, usually when we have only one or two clients on board.

Can I take my fish home with me?
Yes. We will clean and package your fish when we return to the dock.

What if I want to have my fish mounted?
We will advise you of the best way to keep your fish if you want to get it mounted. There are several excellent taxidermists in the area or you may have your own take care of it.

Are kids allowed?
Yes, we highly recommend taking kids out. You must determine if they are able to withstand 6 to 8 hrs on the boat. If we have to go in early you still have to pay the entire amount of the charter, and if you make them stay out there the entire time, against their will, You may lose a future fisherman.

Can we extend the fishing time while we are on the water?
Yes, in most cases that is possible. It depends on if we have an afternoon trip booked or have scheduled maintenance on the boat. Cost is $50 per additional hour.

What about tipping?
We are in the service business and our goal is to exceed our client's expectations. If you feel your captain and crew has done a good job for you on your fishing charter, tipping is always appreciated. If you receive service that is beyond the standard charter fishing norm then you should  seriously consider a good gratuity.


What If someone gets seasick?
If someone gets seasick, it is generally up to the customers whether to curtail the trip.  However, if someone vomits continuously or can't hold down liquids for a prolonged period of time, the captain retains the right to curtail the trip.  Sometimes, if the fishing is not too far from port, for an additional fee the sick person(s) can be taken ashore and the charter can continue.  If the run is too long though, the trip might be over.   In all cases of trips shortened because of seasickness, even if the captain makes the call to curtail the trip, you still have to pay for the entire charter.

What if the charter is canceled.?
If the customer canceles the trip with less than 30 days notice and we are unable to rebook it, the $100 deposit if forfited. If the captain canceles the trip for any reason not pertaining to the clients such as weather conditions a full refund will be given or you may reschedule the trip.

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